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Harness The Power Of Facebook Advertising

As the largest social media network in the world, billions of individuals log onto Facebook every day to connect, share, and shop. Most of all, they are looking for hope. With Facebook’s powerful advertising algorithms, you can harness the power of targeted promotion to bring your therapy and psychology services to potential clients around the globe.

The digital marketing team at JumpFire Marketing can help you develop Facebook Ads that are unique, engaging, and convert valuable Facebook users into potential clients for your services.

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A Full Range Of
Personalized Promotion

With JumpFire Marketing, your promotion can be as unique as your customers. With a variety of options to reach broad or specific audiences, JumpFire Marketing will work with you to find the best Facebook Ad strategy for your needs:

Direct-To-Website Ads

Convert viewers to website visitors through engaging content ads that feature a call
to action.

Video Ads

Stop the scroll and capture your audience’s attention with exciting video advertising that invites the viewer to learn more about your services.

Carousel Ads

Share testimonials, showcase your services and introduce your team through a multi-image carousel advertisement.

Dynamic Ads

Take your promotion even further by targeting users who have perused your website or services but have not yet taken action.

Special Offer Ads

Create a short-term special offer advertisement strategically targeted to reach new and current customers.

Branded Ads

Take your firm’s brand recognition further with uniquely branded advertising through affiliate partners and organizations.

Build Better Facebook Ads With JumpFire Marketing

Help your services reach those in need through Facebook with a personalized digital marketing strategy from JumpFire Marketing. Our team of experienced advertising experts can work with you to build Facebook Ad campaigns that reach customers like never before.