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Retargeting Ads

Reach & Convert Clients With Retargeted Advertising

In your digital marketing toolkit, successful strategies are built on a foundation of engaging content that inspires and moves individuals. For those looking for hope in the midst of difficult times, seeing your practice’s name on a website while they browse can be a digital lifeline.

If your therapy practice’s web presence is lacking strong and productive conversion rates from visitor to new patient, you may be frustrated and confused. After all, doesn’t quality content equal conversion? Not if potential clients can’t don’t see it in the first place!

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Retargeting: Targeted Advertising That Actually Works

The key to successful digital marketing is bringing your services to clients where they are already at. Don’t wait for potential patients to search for your services and key words – bring your name and face to their screen no matter where they are browsing with retargeting advertising.

With targeted retargeting advertising, your firm’s name, branding, and images can reach new clients faster through strategically-placed advertisements on the websites that users visit every day. Through engaging banners, video clips, landing pages, and more, you can increase both the traffic and conversion rates of your website through directed advertising.

Interested, but not sure where to begin? At JumpFire Marketing, our team of digital marketing experts can help you develop and implement an retargeting advertising strategy that works.

Flexible & Varied Ads

No two retargeting strategies are the same. With a variety of digital marketing content, we can help you reach clients across the spectrum of online interests and browsing behaviors – all based on proven advertising methods.

Update At Any Time

Unhappy with your campaign results? Needing more patients from your online investment? Switch up your strategy in real-time with fast and easy updates

Testing & Analytics

Campaign with confidence. Our team will develop and implement a variety of testing on your personalized retargeting strategies to ensure that you are investing the highest-quality advertising.

Boost Your Conversions & Leads

With digital retargeting campaigns, you can help ensure that every marketing dollar invested goes toward a tailored strategy that reaches only the highest-rated potential patients.

Reporting That Works

See how your advertising strategy is working in real-time with high-quality and immersive reporting.

Personalized Strategies & Plans

Every digital marketing strategy begins with a personalized plan that is tailored to your practices goals and unique needs.