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Supercharge Your Physical
Therapy Practice In Today’s
Digital Marketplace

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Professional Web Design, Marketing, & Ad Strategy Created For Physical Therapists

In today’s digital marketplace, potential clients are waiting to hear
from you. Are you there?

Trust the team at Jumpfire to utilize proven strategy, design engagement, and digital marketing to ensure that your physical therapy practice reaches those in need of your services. With high-quality content and a track record of success, JumpFire Creative will design and implement content that will deliver.

We know you are busy. Let us handle the details while you build your practice.

Is Your Therapy Suffering from Less-Than-Ideal Interest Or Traffic?

Websites and social media are the primary way that potential clients are finding physical therapists and healthcare professionals online. If you aren’t seeing the traffic you expect, your online presence may be to blame. Let’s work together to develop a strategy that will supercharge your client base.

Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

Built Uniquely for Physical Therapists, Our Strategies
Are Affordable, Simple, and Effective.

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Your Google Reviews Are VITAL To Your Success

In today’s digital world, one of the most powerful tools you have is Google reviews. The latest data shows that over 75% of initial client visits are booked after a Google search and quick review of top reviews. With so many practices to choose from, those with the highest reviews are virtually guaranteed more clients. When it comes to Google Reviews, think QUANTITY as well as QUALITY. Just like shopping for your favorite product online, the number of reviews and the average rating go lengths to prove the quality of a product. The same is true for your practice. If you want to see your initial visits grow, work with your clients to build a strong Google Review portfolio! At Jumpfire Creative, our team can help you learn how to ensure that your clients leave quality reviews that will boost your brand quickly!

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Websites For Therapists

Jumpfire will design and launch a website that is built to specifically engage physical therapy clients searching for the services you offer

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SEO/Content Marketing

Make sure potential clients see your practice with SEO-driven content marketing that is designed around keywords and ad postings
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Social Media Ads & Campaigns

The world has gone social. If you want to make an impact in the Physical Therapy market, you need social media campaigns that can compete
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PPC (pay per click)

The tried-and-true method of advertising, Pay per click campaigns can help boost traffic and lead conversions across a variety of platforms
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Local Listing/GMB Management

Don’t disappear in the shadows of the web. Stand out among your client searches as the best local service. Proper local listings is a must
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Retargeting Ads

If a client is on the fence about your services, retargeting campaigns are a proven method to bring them back

Find Quality Clients And Fill
Your Practice’s Schedule

Not sure about your budget? No problem. We work with everyone.
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You Are Reading This Because Digital
Marketing Works

Now imagine what it can do for your physical therapy practice!

For your Physical Therapy practice to stand out in the marketplace, your content needs to tell clients a story that inspires them to make a decision. Using proven marketing tactics that tell moving stories and offer solutions to their problems, powerful branding and digital marketing solutions are the key to market success. Check out how Jumpfire Creative can help you exceed expectations with a personalized digital marketing strategy.

You Must Put Value Into
Your Website

Websites remain the main way customers find you. Make sure your
website is ready.

If your Phsyical Therapy practice is going to get noticed in today’s digital marketplace, it is vital that your website be powerful, fast, and responsive.

Built on development strategies that are focused on informative and engaging content, Jumpfire Marketing will help you create a web presence that guides potential clients to a call to action that results in a phone call, email, or office visit.

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girl drinking coffee while working

Make Patients Notice You

With an always-online client base, pay-per-click advertising is the key to unlocking your market potential.

Powerful and personalized digital marketing solutions are the best way to ensure that potential and current clients continue visiting your Physical Therapy practice’s online presence – and become ongoing clients.

By utilizing a pay-per-click advertising solution that is customized for your unique needs, you can ensure that every dollar invested in your marketing budget is used to reach quality potential clients that have the highest likelihood to turn into a part of your firm’s family. Contact us today to learn more about Pay-Per-Click and many other digital marketing strategies.