Project Terms & Agreement – Starter

Project Description

JumpFire Creative is engaging with client to create a new website, develop therapy related content and provide a secure hosting environment.

Main Project Items

  1. WordPress CMS
  2. Responsive layout (mobile friendly)
  3. Professional therapist designed website
  4. Web hosting & Security
  5. Contact forms
  6. Blog
  7. SSL Certificate
  8. Written for you content
  9. Implemented SEO standards
  10. Email addresses
  11.  Stock images

Number of Pages

JumpFire Creative will create up to 20 pages prior to launch or copy over existing pages from client’s current website. Creating new blog posts is not part of web project. JumpFire will only transfer over existing blog posts from client’s current site**.

** Important – Jumpfire will only transfer over every blog post from client’s current website if the site is currently on the WordPress platform. If not, transferring of individual blog posts are subject to additional fees.


JumpFire Creative will provide up to 9 pages of pre-written content for the project. This includes the home page, about page, contact page and 6 service pages. Blog posts are not included. All written content will be added to the website by JumpFire Creative. The client is not responsible for doing so.


Images will be provided by JumpFire Creative from a stock website. Client may provide images of their own choosing. If Client does not like the images chosen by Jumpfire, they may request replacements. JumpFire will provide 1 (one) round of replacement images. If more revisions/replacements are needed, Client must provide them on their own.

Web Template

JumpFire Creative will modify template chosen by client to match their colors, brand and identity. 2 (two) revisions per page are provided. Anything beyond that is subject to a fee.

Project Cost & Payments 

This agreement is for one year of service. Payments are due each month on the date the first payment was made. Project will not start until set-up fee has been paid. Client at any time may cancel agreement and discontinue services. However, if the Client ends the agreement short of the initial first year, the Client is responsible for paying JumpFire the remaining balance of payments up to that given year. Site files will not be released to the Client otherwise.

Website Hosting& Maintenance

The following items are included with your hosting package:

  • emails
  • SSL
  • 20 GB Diskspace/month
  • 50 GB Bandwidth/month
  • uptime monitoring
  • security monitoring
  • malware scans / clean up
  • monthly software updates
  • daily offsite backups
  • fixes due to updates (does not include 3rd party plugins)
  • database optimization
  • 1 hour of “whatever time” – example: add new pictures, post a blog article, add a plugin, re-order the menu* 

* any work preformed outside of the alotted monthly 1 hour, will be billed at $70/hour. Client will be notified prior to work being performed.


Client ownership is limited to Website URL, name, images and content. Developer retains all rights to the design and template. 

Developer reserves the right to include this Project in the portfolio, insert a reference link in the footer of the Website and showcase Project on 

I Understand This is a One-Year Agreement

By submitting this electronic agreement, the client understands this is a one-year agreement. If the contract is ended by the Client short of one year, the Client is responsible for the remaining monthly payments up that given year.

Agreement to Terms

By submitting this electronic agreement, the client agrees to terms and conditions stated above.