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Don’t Neglect Your Most Important Online Asset

You Shouldn’t Have To Worry About Managing Your Website. Your Focus Needs To Be On Operating Your Therapy Practice.

Your website requires constant software updates, security features, maintenance and daily backups. A website is just like owning a home, a car or garden. It requires proper care and TLC to keep it in top-shape. Just having a therapy website is not enough. You will need proper SEO (search engine optimization), marketing and content writing. This is where JumpFire Creative shines. We will be your go-to to ensure your potential clients can find you online and reach out for help.


Your Therapy Website Is
Vital To Your Practice’s Success

WordPress maintenance is easily overlooked and most website owners don’t
know how to properly protect their website.

Have you ever considered what could happen if your business’ website was affected by malware or spam? Or by something that leads to a complete shut down?

(These kind of things can be avoided with the help of professionals who are well informed about all the maintenance aspects of websites.)

While everyone loves Google and other search engines, it has also become evident that it can be easy for bad websites to exploit and damage good ones where one might find themselves at risk of losing all credibility.

This poses the question whether or not your website is going to be safe everywhere – even on professional websites such as Instagram and Facebook? Good news is that we have methods in place to keep your reputation intact when it comes to social media pages and preserve their integrity despite bad sources pointing at them.

As a responsible online business owner it is vital that you take the required precautions to ensure your website’s health and safety. Believe it or not, having an online presence makes you susceptible to malicious attacks.

Just like how a security gate protects your site against intruders, using software-based firewalls can help protect your computer network from an attack by hackers and other nefarious parties. JumpFire uses these precautions to keep your site safe from unwanted attacks.


We Are Certifiied WordPress Hosting Providers. All Of Our Managed Therapy Sites Are Safe, Secure, and Optimized For Performance.


Plans vary based on what level of coverage you need. Our Starter plan  will provide your website the protection it needs and keep things up to date. A more robust plan will work for those websites and in need of more frequent updates and attention.

* Monthly support time does not roll over to the next month.

What Clients Are Saying About Our
WordPress Website Care Plans

I didn’t have the time or capacity to keep my website up to date or maintained. A colleague of mine recommended JumpFire to help me with my website hosting needs. I was glad that I took her advice. My website load faster and I feel secure knowing I don’t have to worry about mundane tasks like content updated or security patches. Instead of wasting 2 hours of my time, I contact JumpFire and they handle the work for me. 

Sam R. Tuttlewig

Depression Therapist

Execellent service. I didn’t realize I needed website help until my site went down and I was forced to spend hours on the phone with customer support for my then hosting provider. I know that if that ever happens again, JumpFire will handle it or me. I no longer have to waste my valuable time dealing with the technical side of websites. 


Bill Danzer

Anxiety Therapist

Website Care Plans Frequently Asked Questions

My current hosting can do automatic backups and plugin updates. Why do I need your Website Care Plan?
Sometimes automatic backups can cause more harm than good. Most hosting companies, who offer automatic backups will do a daily backup of your website on their servers. This is fine, except that their servers are the same ones that your website is installed on so if anything goes wrong with those backups, including fire or flood damage to the facilities for instance, you may lose both your website and all of your backups!

We highly recommend disabling automatic updates. It’s important to monitor these updates because sometimes your WordPress or theme may not be compatible with these upgrade and will cause your site to crash if you don’t notice. With managed updates, we can roll things back and troubleshoot incompatible software together.

What types of tasks are included in web care packages?

We typically refer to these tasks as “whatever” requests. Aside from keeping your website up to date and secure, we can add new blog posts, create new pages, add content/images, add plugins and ect. The two main items that are not included are SEO services and research/development.

What is not included in the monthly Support Time?

New design layouts or development of new features or plugins are not included and will require a formal quote as they generally go over the monthly time to support.

How do I get help if my website is down or I need to make an update?

Just email or call us with your issue/update. We will get the issue resolved within 24 business hours. If your site is down we typically can have it back online within the same business day.

Is there a minimum monthly commitment?
No, you’re free to cancel at any time. If you’d like to cancel, just let us know before your next month billing cycle begins.
I’m interested, but I'm not sure which plan is right for me. What can I do?

Simply contact us and we can help you decide which one best suits your needs. Contact Us

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